The Group Infova having more than 22 Years of mastermanship in monitoring and evaluation of various government and non-government projects related to health, education, livelihood, disaster management, Child rights, animal welfare etc.

The programming approach follows a series of steps. Baseline indicators are used to develop a SWOT analysis as the basis to define strategy objectives. Impact indicators are defined that correspond to these strategy objectives and the intervention logics set in the rural development regulation.                                        Measures are then defined in the light of this strategy and the regulation. For each measure financial input, output and result indicators are established. These should correspond to the hierarchy of objectives of the program.

Infova Foundation M&E System

M & E studies have identified six steps in designing an M & E system. These are:

  1. Establishing the purpose and scope – why do we need M & E and how comprehensive should our M & E system is?
  2. Identifying performance questions, information needs and indicators – what do we need to know to monitor and evaluate the project in order to manage it well?
  3. Planning information gathering and organization -how will the required information be gathered and organized?
  4. Planning critical reflection processes and events -how will we make sense of the information gathered and use it to make improvements?
  5. Planning for quality communication and reporting how and to whom do we want to communicate what in terms of our project activities and processes?

Planning for the necessary conditions and capacities- what is needed to ensure our M&E system actually works?