The Infova Foundation is part of Multi National Group ‘Infova e-universis’ which is involved in multi disciplinary business activity i.e. IT & ICT, Shipping Industry, Media House, Retail Business, Project Implementation, monitoring and management of International Projects, Legal Sector and many more. Under the Name of Hindustan Shipping Corporation, Voice of Washington Online, London Daily Chronicle, Voice of United states of America, Infova Infrastructure Corporation, Infova Trade Universis, Infova e-universis Limited, Infova Consultancy Services Limited and many more.

The Group Infova has its head Office at USA whereas our UK office is managing the European Control other than we have eight main offices at various locations worldwide and branch office in almost every country except certain countries. In addition to this we have Asia-Pacific control office at INDIA, which manages all the affaires arising out of ASIA & PACIFIC region.

The group is almost 39 years old; in 2010 the group has acquired the 27 years old establishment by the name of KNS Society, which was working under the norms of Indian laws and rules, which become Infova Foundation resisted U/S 25 of Companies act 1956 with ROC Delhi at New Delhi, INDIA under Indian Laws.

The Infova Foundation is being managed by most prominent personalities, which includes Advocates, Journalists, Socialists, Doctors and writers; that are working with sole aim to achieve the targeted goals.

The Infova Foundation works for the development, welfare , progress and the prosperity  of Versatile E-activities and multi dimensional social activities   all around the world by all types of social , educational, literary, cultural, family, agricultural, business, industrial, trade, yoga,  astrological, religious, manufacture, commercial, charitable, employment, training, teaching, job-orientation, technological, technical, scientific,  civic, marketing, economic , banking , financial , housing , organizational , executive political , legal , union , health , medical , associational , movement , administration , human resources  , various certifications , various standard authentications , various qualification authentications , various experience authentications , various quality authentications , various institutional registrations , various branch registrations , common causes  , civil liberties and  human rights activities and/or all types of any other activities as the need be felt ; as by law established.